Louis N. Cassett Foundation

About the Foundation

Welcome to the Louis N. Cassett Foundation, a charitable foundation established in 1946 by Louis N. Cassett, a Philadelphia area industrialist. The Foundation is a private foundation, organized and operated exclusively for tax exempt purposes as set forth in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The Foundation primarily focuses on grants to organizations in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and South Florida metropolitan areas. The Foundation does not require that any recipient of a grant have any particular religious or other affiliation, or financially support the Foundation in any way. The Foundation does ask, and sometimes requires, that the recipient use funds granted by the Foundation in the manner set forth in its request, or as directed by the Foundation.

The Foundation is empowered to make grants to any organization qualified as tax exempt under the Internal Revenue Code. Over the years, the Foundation has supported various charitable, cultural, educational, religious, scientific, literary, poverty and disaster relief endeavors, all as allowed by, and subject to, the requirements of IRC §501(c)(3), and the IRS regulations. The Foundation's annual tax returns are available for public inspection at its below office by appointment within 2 weeks of receipt of an inspection request. 

The Foundation funds its grants exclusively from income and gains derived from its assets, managed by its investment advisors. The Foundation does not solicit funds from the public.

The Foundation's Trustees meet periodically during the year and review grant requests. The Trustees encourage those seeking grants to provide the following: (a) A brief description of the organization and its history; (b) a specific description for the use of the requested grant; (c) the requester’s annual budget; (d) identity of its Board members; and (e) most importantly, a copy of its most recent IRS tax exempt determination letter -- commonly called the 501(c)(3) letter (if it has not previously been provided to the Foundation). No grants will be made unless the Foundation has received a copy of the organization's currently valid IRS 501(c)(3) tax exempt qualification letter. 

The Foundation will review requests for grants when accompanied by the above documentation and received at its offices below:
Louis N. Cassett Foundation
1818 Market Street, 16th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Due to the volume of requests, those seeking grants will only hear from the Foundation if the Foundation has approved a grant to them.
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